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Hi Greymonter

Many of you are on leave by now and many have gone away for the festive season. On behalf of the Greymont residents Forum we wish you a very peaceful, safe and enjoyable rest time. We also wish to thank many of you who have contributed to our suburb in the last year, donating time, thoughts, in kind and finances, to the work that we do to improve our area in so many different ways. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

Here are the minutes of the Last Quarterly meeting held earlier this month. I particularly with to thank the very generous residents of Greymont who contributed to the bonus for Robert our worker. He has sent every cent back to Zimbabwe to his mother who is building the family home. He literally jumped for joy and had a smile on his face the whole day. He wants me to convey his enormous thanks to you in thinking of him and taking notice of the work he does. He will be working right through the festive season in helping Greymont continue to look well maintained. (This was his decision)

  • If you are still going away please alert your security company about your plans.
  • Also make sure that post is collected, and your pavement and property are still well maintained. Also ask your neighbour to look out for you.
  • If you are having parties over the festive season please inform your neighbours and try to also be considerate for there are people who are still working, recovering from illness and the elderly.
  • Once again, we plead with you to try and minimize the fireworks if you can, preferably not use them at all.

Have a happy and joyous December!!

Kind Regards
Clive P. Malherbe – Chairperson

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