Greymont Issues And Our AGM

Good Afternoon fellow Resident

Firstly, a reminder of our upcoming AGM in a week’s time on 15 March 2017 at 6.30pm at the NG Kerk Greymont. All residents should make a massive effort to attend this meeting. Important discussions and decisions needing your input will be vitally necessary as the future of our Forum will be decided at this meeting.

Rest assured, no one will be nominated, volunteered or pressurised to fill any positions in our Forum.

The Agenda of the AGM

  1. A brief overview of the activities of the last year (15 minutes)
  2. A brief overview of our financial statement and financial subs statement  (15 minutes)
  3. The rest of the time available – to discuss various options/ choices/ vision of our Forum and to take decisions arising from this discussion.

Why the necessity of this discussion and possible restructuring of the GRF?

The Greymont Residents Forum was born on 6 February 2012, we are over 5 years old now. We started it as a response to the crime and grime, lack of care and maintenance of our suburb and Park. We had many illegal businesses and illegal communes with numerous socially related issues arising from this lack of by-law enforcement and respect for each other.

After 5 years we have achieved much. It is now time to evaluate whether the reasons why we started, still exist, or should there be a different emphasis going forward?

We have always tried to make Greymont greater; a safe, clean, peaceful and happy environment focussing on upgrading our suburb and thereby increasing the value not only of our suburb but our individual properties as well. What we have achieved have massively impacted on the rising of house prices in our suburb.

For this vision to continue two exceptionally important legs are needed. Without either we will not succeed;

  1. Financial viability – to employ a worker to assist with the above priorities.
  2. Active residents willing to assist in making Greymont greater.

What do we propose?

  • There will not be a vertical leadership executive team (with normal portfolios) but a horizontal equal structure of passionate residents heading up interest areas.
  • The important functions will definitely continue ie. Finances, maintenance, public works.
  • We suggest “ad hoc interest sub- committees” that residents feel important to have in Greymont, examples of these could include:
    • Environment
    • Social and community
    • Pet and animals
    • Safety and security
    • Educational – eg by-laws.

Persons dedicated to general fundraising and an administrative person to help keep our resident’s spreadsheet and contact details updated.

There can be various other subgroups – it all depends on the interest of the residents, they don’t have to last a year, some perhaps just a few months. The forum will be entirely in residents hands but it will be co-ordinated by a small group of passionate and interested people only for communication’s sake to let residents know what has been done and what is coming up.

Please remember our main function will always be to keep our suburb well maintained, neat and tidy- a place we proudly call our home!

WHAT DO RESIDENTS THINK ABOUT THIS PROPOSAL?  Please think about it seriously and how you might contribute to our new Residents Body. Come with your suggestions and ideas to the AGM next week. This meeting is pivotal to our future direction!    Many thanks!

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe   (Founding Member & Acting-Chairperson)

Greymont Residents Forum

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