Good Morning fellow resident of Greymont

I have great news to share with you! We have filled all the positions of the new Executive of the Greymont Residents Forum. I am extremely confident in the new Executive and I know they will be committed and dedicated to our wonderful suburb and serving your and our interests!

The new Executive that has been appointed for 2015/2016 is as follows:

ChairpersonMichael Van Olphen
TreasurerTanja Henderson
SecretaryMaureen Ponnen
MaintenanceDi Macdonald
Public WorksClive Malherbe
Webmaster etc.Martijn Vreugde


I am sure you will welcome all of the above dedicated and wonderful residents who have volunteered to serve you and our Suburb in the various positions and portfolios.

I would also like to thank all the other residents who enquired and were able to put their names forward for the above positions as well. I would suggest to the new executive that we need a bigger pool of dedicated and talented residents to help with decision making for our suburb. I would suggest that we contact all these people soon.

All residents please make arrangements and please make sacrifices in order to attend our AGM next Tuesday 10 March 2015 at 6.30pm at the NG Kerk Greymont. It will consist of tabling our annual report, our financial reports and welcoming in of the new Executive and Chairperson. We know we can count on you to be present at our AGM!



You are probably aware that we employ Robert 5 days a week to go around Greymont cutting, mowing and brush cutting pavements, curbs, Parks etc. in the entire suburb. However after 3 years our Lawnmower and Brush-cutter that were donated by City Parks are on the way out and will go to heaven soon! They are in intensive care at the moment!

We will not be able to continue with this important work in upgrading Greymont and thus assisting house prices to rise without new equipment. I have estimated that both of these would cost in the region of R12 000.00. (Quality heavy duty equipment)

This is where we request and rely on your financial generosity. As they will cost quite a bit we need you to assist us in raising the amount necessary to purchase this equipment. If you are able to donate over and above your normal monthly subs. please deposit your contribution  into our account with reference MEQ with your name.  Banking details are available on our contribute page.

Help contribute to make your neighbourhood neater & better.

I will not update you about what’s happening in our suburb but will leave that to our AGM next Tuesday evening. Many thanks once again!


Kind Regards

Clive P. Malherbe – Chairperson


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