Greymont Fibre Construction Update

Good day Greymont residents,

We are in the first month of our build and already a few days ahead of schedule, we like our trenching to be as fast as our high-speed fibre network. The trenching phase that you see in the picture, Second Street, consists of us digging up sidewalks and laying down protective outer layers/ducts for our fibre optic lines.

VUMA is excited to announce that construction will begin in phase 1 and phase 4 this week so look out for us in pink!

For your convenience have a look at the Greymont rollout schedule to get a better understanding of which phase you fall into.

Vumatel builds in partnership with the community and we like to ensure that you are kept up-to-date. Please follow our Twitter account for regular updates on the build in your area. Alternatively, you can email your resident liaison team directly.

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We hope that you have a great week and look forward to continuing the rollout of VUMA’s fibre network into your suburb.

Kind Regards,

The VUMA Team

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