Good day Greymonters


Good day Greymonters

This is the first email you are receiving from your new Chairman. It is with much guilt that it has taken me this long.

We all have busy lives and I am really impressed with the commitment that has come from most of you to uphold what the old executive has managed to achieve in just three years.

I am privileged to be working with the new Greymont executives, who go far beyond their call of duty. The executives are Maureen, as Secretary, Tanja, our Treasurer, Martijn who deals with anything to do with the website and social media. Di who makes sure all queries relating to water/sewage, potholes and street signage and lighting are dealt with. Clive now deals with City Parks and Pickitup only. I will deal with all other related issues as well as over crowded houses, illegal businesses and the like.

I would like to thank all residents who kindly donated towards our new equipment, the brush cutter and lawnmower. A special thanks to Lew Geffen Suthebys, namely Brenda and Pieter who personally donated R1000. They have always come to the party when we, as a community, have needed assistance, especially financial. Fine and Country and Rawsons pledged/promised to make contributions which have, until now, not been fulfilled. What a difference it would make. Having said this, if you do have any spare cash to contribute towards the maintenance fund, it would be much appreciated. These two items were bought prematurely, as Robert, our maintenance guru, was robbed of the brush cutter. We have had to use funds from the monthly subs to purchase them. Please remember to reference your payments with MEQ and your name.
Our cost for the equipment was R11 759.52 and we have managed to raise R8 240 thus far, a shortfall of R3 519.52. Come on guys, that’s 100 residents donating R35,20!

The new equipment has now been insured for the sum of R99 per month thanks to Di for spending hours on the phone finding the right insurer!

Work done by Robert in the last month – (Apr. 2015) :

  1. Mowing of pavements at Carel Venter Park and Alberts Farm on 6th rd west. *
  2. Brush cutting beneath colonial poles at A/Farm on 6th road east *
  3. Mowing around the pond in Carel Venter Park. *
  4. Every Monday picking up litter in CV Park and emptying of bins and picking up litter on West Road. *
  5. Pruning of trees in Carel Venter Park and maintenance of new trees planted.
  6. Brush cutting along West Road opposite Carel Venter Park *
  7. Cutting of pavement on 4th road between 11th street and 13th streets *
  8. Weeding of succulent rock garden and brush cutting around it.
  9. Brush cutting grass embankment at the shopping centre on West road *
  10. Brush cutting grass pavement on 6th road west between 13th – 15th streets *
  11. Raking up of leaves around Pond *
  12. Cutting pavements and mowing – 1st street, 2nd street, 3rd street, 1st road, 2nd road, 11th street, 9th street *
  13. Weeding of curbs in 3rd street, West Road, 6th road west/ east*
  14. Raking up leaves in curbs of 2nd road, 1st road and 1st street – picking up litter in these streets as well.*
  15. Digging fire breaks beyond colonial poles – from church to stream -6th road east.

Many of the above items marked with an * denotes more than once

Account details:

FNB Northcliff code 253-705
Greymont Residents Forum
Cheque acc # 6235 268 7150
Ref: MEQ and your name

I would like to wish you all a restful and peaceful long weekend, until soon!

Kind Regards

Greymont Residents Forum



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