Good Morning Greymonters!


Good Morning Greymonters!

I am sure you are all looking forward to the holiday season for a well-earned break!

Just a few updates concerning our Suburb:

  1. Please remember that our last Meeting will be held next Wednesday the 14th December at 6.30pm at the NG Kerk – it will be shorter than usual. We need everyone to please attend.
  2. If you haven’t contributed towards Robert’s Xmas bonus please do so before 15 December either in our account, or to bring money to the meeting or put it in my post box. Please also put your name on it and mark it Xmas for a reference. Thanks again for those who have contributed so generously thus far!
  3. Awhile back I emailed the attached revised Constitution of the GRF. We only had one person commenting on it. Can I take it that the overwhelming majority of residents feel that the constitution represents themselves and our community adequately? If so, we will then formally adopt it at our meeting next week.
  4. Pikitup – there will be normal collections including recyclables on the Mondays of 26 December and the 2nd of January 2017. All Pikitup staff received a 13th cheque so if they come around asking for a bonus- it is up to you to decide whether to give them one. I have recyclable packs at my home if residents would like to pick up a pack.
  5. Citypower – We requested from Citypower to increase the lighting at corner of 2nd Street and West Road. They very kindly fitted a spotlight in this area yesterday. It makes a huge difference, thanks to them!!
  6. City Parks – after 2 and a half years of trying to get the name changed of our Park to the Greymont Park, they have finally put up new signs; 2 new “Greymont Park” signs, an indemnity sign at the play area, 2 signs indicating a dangerous area at the stream, and another sign that will be put up today at the pond asking humans to respect and protect our bird life.
  7. JRA – the pothole on 6th road west will be done no later than Friday this week. Next week they should replace the 2 missing stop signs in Greymont. I corresponded directly with the Managing Director who has assured us that these issues will be attended to in the very near future.
  8. Land Usage violations – the following have been reported to the City of Joburg ( illegal businesses, overcrowding communes etc). Please continue to send me photos especially of the motor mechanic work done at these 2 below addresses. We are assisting the City to gather evidence.
  • Illegal motor mechanic work and illegal accommodation residence. – no. 19  2nd road
  • Illegal motor mechanic work, wood work and illegal accommodation residence – no. 5  1st street
  • Illegal accommodation residence corner 3rd street and 1st road – deceased estate.
  • Illegal accommodation residence – 12 West road
  • To investigate the people staying on the property at empty shop – corner 4th road and 9th street
  • To investigate the business zoning rights of the little block of shops opposite the entrance to Shoprite shopping centre.

Residents need to be patient as the administrative and the possible legal process can take up to 2 years to be sorted out. If motor mechanic work is done on the pavements this however also can be reported to Metro Police but they will probably not come on the same day. The more people report these violations the more likely action will be taken.

Thank you to all who continue to contribute financially to the upkeep of our beautiful Greymont and urge all residents to do the same. To employ Robert and pay for the maintenance of our equipment is quite costly. Without Shane and Robert our suburb will not be the envy of many other suburbs! Thanks again and see you all at our meeting next Wednesday!

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe   (Founding Member & Acting-Chairperson)

Greymont Residents Forum
35  3rd Street Greymont
083 969 7747

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