Garden Project


This last week we held an extremely well supported community event in Greymont. We identified a small section of the “koppie” that borders Greymont and Northcliff Extension to clear debris and other dumping with the help of Pikitup. We also spent quite a few days clearing this area of weeds and refuse, and on Saturday the community came together in planting over 120 different succulent and aloe plants on this rocky outcrop. All plants are water-wise and can withstand drought and high temperatures.

We had a fantastic turnout with people very generously contributing financially in order for us to buy these plants, giving their gardeners for the day, plants from their own gardens, as well as providing refreshments for us doing the hard work of planting these wonderful new additions to this area.”

Thanks to all made this such a wonderful success and showed other suburbs the way to go in participating in bettering of environment! As the slogan we have chosen for Greymont indicates, “ A COMMUNITY THAT CARES”.

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