Fun Youth Day with Legacy Foundation



On Youth Day the team from Legacy Foundation had a fun day in Albert’s Farm with a picnic and a fun run parkrun as well as some delicious boerewors rolls and coffee from Mi Casa Coffee.

The day was a great success with families and kids having an awesome time in the sun, thankfully the day was a reprieve from our cold weather lately and everyone enjoyed the out doors.

The Legacy Foundation is a great initiative helping youth reach their potential and giving them education from Leadership development and bursaries to further their education as well as HIV education.

If you would like to contact them and see what they are about or would like to help contact them here:
011 476 4020

The deliciousness of the coffee’s by Mi Casa Coffee can not be over stated, you can get pods by them or hire there stand here:
@micasacoffee | facebook


Here are some of the photo’s of the day:


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