Final Voting Registration Weekend Countdown


2016 Local Govt Elections

Next…and last registration weekend, to register for the upcoming elections, will be on the:

9th (Sat) & 10th (Sun) April from 8am to 5pm.

Greymont residents to register at NG Kerk, corner 4th Str & 2nd Road, Greymont.
Please bring either your barcoded ID book, ID Smart card or a Temporary ID certificate not older than 3 months.
If you have voted at this Voting Station before, please visit this VS to CHECK your details.
A number of registered voters have found their address details to be changed for unknown reasons, and managed to correct such issues in time and ahead of the election.

To assist friends and family living elsewhere in Joburg, visit the website:
IEC elections 2016

You should see this page: where you can enter your ID and see your status:


You Should get the following if you registered at the NG Kerk:



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