Fibre construction will begin this week.

Good day Greymont residents,

VUMA is excited to announce that construction will begin this week. For your convenience have a look at the Greymont rollout schedule to get a better understanding of which phase you fall into and when you can expect construction to take place outside your property.

VUMA representatives will be engaging with residents in Greymont this week. The reason for this engagement is to highlight the particulars of the construction process and confirm the fibre wallbox location on your boundary wall.

Your resident liaison teams communication details

ISP’s & Packages

Have a look at the various internet service providers we have and their packages by clicking here! Did you know that our ISP’s offer some of the cheapest packages on the market? You could be connected with high-speed broadband connectivity for as little as R396 per month!

Please take note that some of our ISP’s do cover the installation cost. What are you waiting for? Get into the installation queue now by ordering your VUMA-Fibre NOW!

Have a great week further and we look forward to getting your suburb connected to high-speed broadband connectivity.

Kind Regards,

The VUMA Team

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