Feedback From The Community Meeting On 8 May 2019

Greetings everyone

Below is a summary of the main points arising from the meeting:

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to the meeting or sent apologies. We had 40 residents in attendance. Thanks also to Philip Kruger our Councillor who made time for us in his busy schedule.

Our Councillor’s main Input:

  • Philip stressed the importance of us as a residents group to put forward proposals for high cost interventions that we need in Greymont – like piping, speed humps, curbing etc. it is imperative to attend the IDP meetings where our voice will be heard. The more who goes to these meetings from our community the better chance there is for success. Please forward all proposed interventions to me and Philip and we will work on a joint presentation with perhaps a petition we can all sign as well.
  • He also mentioned the rise in the rates that the City will introduce as a direct effect of the municipal utilities putting up their costs to the City.
  • A discussion was held where a number of residents reflected their concerns with the perceived number of homeless again staying at Alberts Farm. We request an oversight inspection and action from the relevant authorities.
  • The closure of the bridge at West Road – this is a going to be a long-term project as the preliminary licenses and finalisation of processes will take a long time. Another big sticking point will be the proposed cost of building a new bridge which will be in the region of R86 million. This project will take years to complete so patience is essential.
  • Load-shedding will be a reality for this Winter – it is just when it will start and not if. Be prepared!

Our main Projects agreed on for this year as the Greymont Residents Forum:

  1. Our Winter Project – This year, as we do every second year is to repaint all curbs with the street names on each corner of all streets in Greymont starting from Long Road to 15th street. This will start once Mike our worker returns from his annual leave towards the end of June. We will try and employ someone to pick up litter twice a week while he is on leave.
  2. The painting of the wall of a pensioner – A proposal was adopted to paint the outside perimeter wall of a pensioner at the corner of 6th road west and 7th street. We will finance it  and thanks to 2 residents who volunteered to help with the works and some of the cost of paint. This project will not only help the pensioner but it will enhance the area as well. I have approached Jeff who is a little embarrassed about what we propose to do.
  3. New Residents to Greymont –  An Estate agent is going to assist us with providing information of houses that have been recently sold so that we can contact the new owners and introduce ourselves and the GRF. We need all of us to help with physically going to visit the new residents in our streets.
  4. The elderly Residents of Greymont – This idea of a project again was adopted at the meeting. Basically we need to identify all those who are really elderly who find it difficult to make ends meet, going to the shops, doctor’s appointments etc. As “A Community that Cares” we find it will be an excellent intervention to assist our fellow elderly residents. However, it would mean that each street identifies especially single elderly people staying there. We need to find out what their greatest needs are and try to assist with these. It will however, take all of us initially to identify as well as to visit these residents. We need your active on-going support.
  5. The drinking at the Shopping Centre embankment. – We need to get the authorities to once again to assist with limiting this behaviour including those homeless people who sleep their at night. It would be great to come up with a solution to these quickly.


What we need from you:

  1. Finances: As you can realise from the above we need residents to please contribute to the general upkeep of our suburb through paying monthly subs. Secondly we ask residents to contribute to the paint costs if they can afford it. Immense thanks to all you do regularly contribute to our Forum, it is really appreciated!
  2. New Residents: We need to form a committee of residents who will from time to time go and introduce ourselves to the new residents. Please volunteer for this committee. We will provide you with all the information necessary. Please send me your names.
  3. Elderly Residents: We need all residents to identify elderly in their streets and then we will  form a residents group that would like to assist our elderly. Please let me know your names if you can/want help.

It was great meeting so many at our meeting after such a long time. What we agreed with was the need to have more regular meetings – every 4 months. It was really fantastic to meet our residents in person and not only from social media. I ask you to please send me your suggestions on how we can continue to serve our community better and more effectively.

Kind Regards
Clive Patrick Malherbe

Greymont Residents Forum  (Founding Member)
35  3rd Street Greymont
083 969 7747

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