GNB – Greymont Notice Board WhatsApp Group

Hello Beautiful People,

As most of you are now aware, we have put together a group that we believe will serve the community. It is a Notice Board for important information happening in Greymont and surrounding areas. The group is designed so only admins can post anything, so to ensure its informative value and thus will not be a chat group but a platform purely to keep all updated only. Here are your Admins for GNB ~ Value Without Fuss.

– Philip & Steve: Area Councillor Information (Including bins, water, electricity, voting, etc.)
– Jzee: Security tips
– Tanja: Pets / Four-legged children / Furbabies
– Kimberley: Parkrun Volunteers
– Elizabeth: Head Admin, Electricity, General Service Information.

These individuals will keep you informed on the GNB Group, of the happenings, going on in their respective roles.

In other news; If you haven’t yet joined, feel free to click this link to join the GNB WhatsApp Group . One of the GNB Admin will get back to you to request your full name, physical and email address in order to connect you with the group.

Please feel free to WhatsApp/email Elizabeth (, with your newest thoughts, suggestions, ideas, critical comments, opinions and compliments.

Thank you, to those of you who have already, joined the GNB – Greymont Notice Board Group.

Warmest Regards,
GNB Group

Your Agreement: Your continued presence in the group will mean, you agree to and abide by all terms of the group.