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Frank Opperman (Orkney Snorkney’s Ouboet) is back with his side-splitting one-man show, “Die Klaagliedere van Ds. Tienie Benade”, in which he plays a middle-aged minister who finds himself constantly in a quandary. His flock at the Moedergemeente at the bottom end of Voortrekker Street is dwindling, the church debt is growing, and the elders – well, they are grumpy … and much too old to be useful.

Opperman plays his role masterfully, telling a bitter-sweet tale of the sorrow and the unwavering hope of an Afrikaans “dominee”, in a time when the faithful seems to have become faithless.

Audience comments on its Facebook page include words such as: “skitterend” (excellent), “humor en deernis” (humour and compassion), and “stof tot nadenke” (thought-provoking).

The script was written by award-winning scriptwriter Dana Snyman, and the direction done by Gerrit Schoonhoven.

Note: This is an Afrikaans production.
When: 9 April at 19:00
Where: NG Kerk, 2nd Road, Greymont
Cost: R100 per person

Duration: 60 minutes. Suitable for all ages.

Refreshments available for sale.

Ticket can be bought at the church office, telephone number: 011 477 9318, (mornings only) or from Leon at 0817060404.

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