House Numbers On Your Driveway Curb

Hi Greymonter! It would be a great idea once again to offer the service of the Greymont Residents Forum to paint or re-paint your house number on your driveway curb. If you have not got your number painted yet and would like us to do it or to re-do it (if it is faded), well
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Lets get High speed internet to Greymont, Lets get Fibre to our home

Fibre is so much faster (up x 250 times) than the average broadband speed we are used to in South Africa. Simply put – it is the future. It is more stable and reliable than anything else out there. It future-proofs your home and supports a host of new services. With a fibre connection you can: Download
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Would you like the new Gas Pipeline to come to us?

With Eskom being ever more dependable and everyone making sure they have a gas tank not for camping but for having a back up to cook the idea of having a gas line is becoming more inviting. There is currently an initiative to do just that, and we in Greymont can also apply to have
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How to survive load shedding

Load shedding. Power cuts. Rolling blackouts. Call them what you will, they’re a reality and Eskom has warned they’re here to stay for most of 2015. Load shedding is about Eskom balancing the power scales; it needs to be able to supply enough electricity to meet the country’s demands. When supply matches demand, everything is
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It can be done

GREYMONT – Keeping a suburb clean, well-maintained and crime free seems like a mammoth task. In Greymont, it doesn’t seem to be so difficult.   If you take a drive through the suburb of Greymont, you’d notice manicured sidewalks, freshly painted street corners, clean parks and an alarming lack of litter. These pristine streets are
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Greymont Google Rank

Advertising Launches on Greymont

With our site becoming very popular, with now just shy of a 1500 visits a month (1,456 from the last 30 days till today) and growing at a near double rate each month along with our great Google ranking: ​​ I thought we could take advantage of the growing site traffic and give advertising space, the
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Quarterly Residents Meeting: Tuesday 9 September

Quarterly residents meeting that will be held on Tuesday 9 September at 6.30pm at the NG kerk, Greymont. The theme will be recycling. I have invited a speaker to address us on this very important topic and how we can become a little more environmentally conscious as it pertains to waste and recycling. Obviously we
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Service Excellence Awarded To Citypower Hursthill Depot

The Greymont Residents Forum has the great pleasure in awarding CITYPOWER HURSTHILL DEPOT with the “Service Excellence Award” in giving exemplary service especially to the Forum and to Greymont our suburb. This award is given to the management and staff of Citypower in having displayed ongoing excellence in service to Greymont, in the following ways:
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