Update On Bergbron ‘Low cost’ housing Development​

For those unaware of this; the Nursery opposite The Berg Shopping Centre (Spar) has been sold and a housing estate comprising 581 Units is planned on the site. This is concerning for the entire suburb as well as surrounding suburbs such as Greymont and there is rightfully resistance by the community affected. Infrastructural and traffic
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VERY IMPORTANT MEETING!!! – Application to authorise ‘Low Cost’ housing in Bergbron

This may not be in Greymont but most assuredly would affect us.   PRISM Environmental Management Services is having a meeting to discuss the authorization of the development of ‘Low cost’ housing of Bergbron Ext 14. Included in the Agenda ( Full Agenda here ) is: 5.1 ‘Low cost’ housing 5.2 High density development 5.7
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Greymont September Update

Hi Greymont, The Next Greymont Resident’s Meeting is 30 September 2015 at 18h30 at NG Kerk. Make sure to book the date and notify your neighbors. Let us know (info@greymont.co.za) if there are specific issues you want us to know about in advance. We are also looking for speakers for the event please send your
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Michael van Olphen

Good evening Folks

Good evening Folks Great news! Carel Venter Park is now officially our “Greymont Park“! Many thanks to Clive who has made this possible with his persistence. On another note, I would like to thank Di, who has been on the executive committee since inception but has had to step down for personal reasons. We thank
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Carel Venter Name Change To Greymont Park – Now Has Officially Been Approved.

After a lengthy process that started in April last year, with a lengthy public participation process (Petition, emails, social media, local media, local Councillor) and submitting all relevant documents and motivations, we have finally received confirmation yesterday that The City of Johannesburg has approved the name change which we requested. Namely; The Carel Venter Park
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Spring Fair

Alberts Farm Spring Fair!!!

Diarise Saturday, 29th of August to be at Alberts Farm. Now in its 10th year, and scheduled to begin immediately after the weekly parkrun, this years visitors to the Spring Fair will be able to enjoy a festive day aimed at bringing the community together as well as family oriented fun and activity. Bring the
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Catch up on Last weeks Residents Meeting

Hi Everyone, Quite a bit was covered in our Greymont meeting last week. The minutes for the meeting are here: Greymont Residents Forum July 14 2015 – Minutes The highlights: A fantastic response was received from the residents of Greymont for the new lawnmower and brush cutter and we would like express our thanks to all.
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Residents Meeting on Tuesday

Good evening everyone! We would just like to remind you all of our residents meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm at the NG Kerk. Please can everybody make an effort to be there, even if you arrive a little late. We will start with usual updates followed by a floor discussion on whatever you as residents
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