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Brenda2Brenda is simply put, just plain awesome, she is the lady who comes really early (yes, when it’s even colder than when you come) and does the run before everyone else even arrives so she can take stunning photo’s of all us when we run our beloved parkrun. She is the one who posts all those great photo’s as well as many of the awesome inspiring images on our Alberts Farm parkrun facebook page.

What made you come to Albert’s Farm parkrun? I started at Delta but found it was getting too busy for me so thought I would try Alberts Farm as it is about the same distance from where I live as Delta. It is also important for me to participate in a parkrun which allows dogs as my dogs are a special part of my life and I want them running alongside me.

Why did you become a volunteer? I needed practice with sport photography and thought this was a good opportunity to hone my skills and to be able to give back as well.

What do you enjoy about volunteering? Laughing at the funny comments and antics that the runners get up to plus the people at Alberts Farm are very friendly, caring and display a fabulous community spirit!

What’s you favourite experience as a Volunteer/Run Director? Can’t think of any one particular experience but it’s great to see the runners making a point of coming out on the coldest of days to run and enjoy themselves. Such fun also to see some people (you know who you are) who make a point of having a tea party each week after their walk and who offer biscuits to hungry dogs who have completed the 5kms!


I know I speak for many when I say “Thank you Aunty Brenda, you Rock!“….oh and keep making me look good in your photos 😉

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