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Final Voting Registration Weekend Countdown

2016 Local Govt Elections Next…and last registration weekend, to register for the upcoming elections, will be on the: 9th (Sat) & 10th (Sun) April from 8am to 5pm. Greymont residents to register at NG Kerk, corner 4th Str & 2nd Road, Greymont. Please bring either your barcoded ID book, ID Smart card or a Temporary
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Mark Your Calendar – 24 March 2016

Hi Greymonters, Shane & Robert have been very busy in Greymont the last few weeks, getting our parks and side-walks to looking great once more. See image below. We are planning to set up a “Greymont Watch Group”, We would like some feedback. SCC February News Letter – What have been happening in Greymont and surrounding
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Setting up Greymont Watch

The following is written by  Clive Maher who heads up the Roosevelt Park Security initiative, which has been very successful in curbing crime in their suburb with the partnership of SCP. I asked for him and our beloved Valerie of SCC (aka SCP) to discuss with our residents who are interested in starting up a Greymont Watch. I think
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SCC Newsletter February 2016

A MONTH OF NOTE!! One that resulted in a long newsletter with a spill-over from last month. 24th of Jan Arrested house breakers in Greymont. Recovered the goods. 24th of Jan Recovered stolen razor wire (fence at the old dump in Newlands) at a house in Newlands. Police know the suspects and we did not
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On Friday 26 February the NG Church, Greymont will be having another road house cafe.

This Friday, the NG Church, Greymont will be having a road house cafe. They will be selling pancakes, curry & rice, ribburgers, hamburgers and boereworsrolls. It starts at 17:00 and everybody is welcome. If you would like to place an order please phone: Kitty 082 7758219 Leon 081 706 0404 When: It starts at 17:00 Friday
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Greymont Park Pond Cleanup

After a busy day cleaning up the Greymont Park with Thomas, our temporary Greymont worker until Robert’s return, with the help of Team Rubble Ratz, the pond and immediate surrounds are looking much better. The bog plants have been pulled out around the edge of the pond exposing more visible water. The Rubble Ratz Team
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Alberts Farm – more to be discovered

Many people and organisations work together to find out more about the history of Alberts Farm. The city makes for a backdrop to Alberts Farm with its rich history. With a view of the city in the background, Alberts Farm is a tranquil hideaway for people who want to experience nature or take their dogs
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This Friday, the NG Church, Greymont will be having a road house cafe.

This Friday, the NG Church, Greymont will be having a road house cafe. They will be selling pancakes, curry & rice, rib burgers, hamburgers and boerewors rolls. When: It starts at 17:00 and everybody is welcome. Friday the 29th 2016 Where: NG Church On 6th Rd opposite 4th St, Greymont   The NG Church is
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