I wear hats, not ties. I open doors for ladies, bully around pixels. Enjoy exercise and training, but have a devout relationship with my couch. I live to design and my job is awesome, that's it... no flip-side to it... to design is to create, to create is to be god like, can't seriously complain.

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Alberts Farm Spring Fair – 3rd September 2016

Now in its 3rd year, visitors to the Alberts Farm Spring Fair will be able to enjoy a festive day aimed at bringing the community together at a vibrant craft market.  It will be a day of family oriented fun activities. If you’re in the mood to shop, have a look at our stalls offering
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GRF June – July 2016 Updates

Hello People of Greymont, There have been a few changes in the structure of the Executive Committee. Our previous Chairperson has stepped down as Chairman due to family and work commitments. It was decided that I would take over the role of Chairperson in an “Acting Capacity” for this financial quarter. It was also decided
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It’s time to cast your vote!

The 3rd of August is less than 24 hours away. The upcoming Local Government Elections are the most important elections since 1994, and voters will have to make a crucial choice: more of the same, where 24 000 jobs were lost in the first quarter of 2016 in Johannesburg, corruption is rampant (The City of Johannesburg
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Greymont Public Works Report AKA Story Time

Shane is on our Executive committee and has done some great work, famous on the Greymont WhatsApp group for his “Story Time” posts showing the work that’s been done with our awesome Robert. Below is his report back email to the community of Greymont. For those seeing via Email please go to website for beautiful
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Referring back to the shoot-out end May in Montgomery Park with members of the Blue Golf Gang: Sad part of the story is that the cyclist succumbed to his injuries. More and more people in the neighbourhood have come forward who were allegedly ‘disenfranchised’ by the gang. If you know more about them please come
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NG Church holds BIG BAZAAR on 28 May 2016!

Join NG Church Greymont in their annual church bazaar on 28 May. There will be food stalls galore, tables full of needlework and knickknacks, a white elephant table, competitions, contests and games, fun activities for children, and lots of prizes to be won. Is your pooch your look-alike? Or your baby the cutest of them
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National Home Security Month and Greymont – Next week Saturday the 14th!!

NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! National Home Security Month and Greymont Where: Albert’s Farm Park When: Saturday 14 May, from 9am to 2pm Right after the parkrun next week, on the 14th, hang around Alberts Farm Find out how you can better protect your home and loved ones with smart security advice and demonstrations from Yale, SCP and
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Johannesburg communities take initiative to bolster neighbourhood security

The following article was written by a new resident to Greymont, Stuart Dickinson, who working with the Greymont Executive as well as SCP and neighbouring Security initiatives to get National Home Security Month (NHSM) launched here in South Africa. The article is posted on the official NHSM website. Please take special notice of  the announcement of
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