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Festive Greetings

Good Afternoon Greymonter! The end of the year is nearly upon us and a very welcome break will be enjoyed by everyone, I am sure! Shane is leaving for Cape Town early tomorrow morning and we thank him for the dedication and service he has given to our Community this last year. We wish him
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A Quick Reminder Of Our Last Meeting This Year – WEDNESDAY AT 6.30PM

Good Afternoon Greymonter Just a quick reminder of our last meeting this year on WEDNESDAY AT 6.30PM AT NG KERK GREYMONT. AGENDA: We will be adopting our revised constitution 2016. (A show of hands only) Also on the agenda will be a brief feedback from Shane (Public Works) and Clive (Acting Treasurer). We will also
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Good Morning Greymonters!

Good Morning Greymonters! I am sure you are all looking forward to the holiday season for a well-earned break! Just a few updates concerning our Suburb: Please remember that our last Meeting will be held next Wednesday the 14th December at 6.30pm at the NG Kerk – it will be shorter than usual. We need
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Apologies Greymont – Vumatel

Good day Greymont residents, We apologise for the miscommunication. VUMA has made the call to delay the start of construction in the area, as we feel that we will not have enough time to civilly complete the project before the festive season. The JRA implement a month long shut down over the December period. Johannesburg
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Outcomes Of The Questionnaire/ Survey

PRELIMINARY REMARKS More than 280 questionnaires/ surveys were sent out via email. Received 46 filled in questionnaires/ surveys back which provides the basis of the below analysis and outcomes (16.5% returns). Some outcomes do not reflect an accurate picture as quite a few respondents do not have access to social media- yet scored them. Some
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Greymont Residents Forum Update

Good Morning Greymonter! Just a few quick items that we need to share with you: Restructuring of the Executive of the Greymont Residents Forum Unfortunately the Present Executive had to re-organise itself as we do not have a Chairperson, secretary and recently both the Treasurer and Maintenance Executive members could not adequately carry out their
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Vumatel Feedback on Fibre in Greymont, its great news!

We might have Fibre before Christmas!!! Our awesome chairman Shane had a great meeting with Vumatel and has been kind enough to give us the answers to the main questions we all wanted to know. What is the planned start of the installation date and expected date of completion? Installation will start at the end
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Invite to the improvement of Alberts Farm

The management committee for the Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy is inviting all parties to attend a public participation session on 29 September 2016 as part of the process of addressing some of the problems facing the park and the resulting need to create an urban conservancy for the benefit of all those who use
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