I wear hats, not ties. I open doors for ladies, bully around pixels. Enjoy exercise and training, but have a devout relationship with my couch. I live to design and my job is awesome, that's it... no flip-side to it... to design is to create, to create is to be god like, can't seriously complain.

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VUMA Is Coming to Greymont!

Message from the Vuma Team to those residents interested in Fibre Good Day, I trust this mail finds you well. I have your details from our moral commitment list for the Greymont fibre project where you took in an interest in our planned fibre roll-out to your suburb. During our build we place a small
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Secretary Position Description

Good Morning once again! As mentioned in my request to you yesterday we are focussing our attention on the 3 vacancies currently that needs filling on our Executive. We are thus going to email you out once a week a detailed duties and description of each portfolio, starting with the Secretary position this week. Next
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Help make decisions about your community!

Good Morning fellow resident of Greymont Hope you and your family had a wonderful festive season and are refreshed to face the new year. We as an Executive recently met and spoke about what we desperately need especially in terms of taking Greymont to new heights in 2017. The first order is to identify residents
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VUMA is bringing Fibre to Greymont – work starts in Febuary

Good day Greymont residents, Vumatel has officially opened our doors for 2017 and would like to wish all of the residents in Greymont a very happy new year. Construction Start Dates VUMA plans to begin construction in Greymont within the first two weeks of February. The initial phase of the construction process will include scanning
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Story Time 13-01-2017

I am back! There was apparently a holiday somewhere?? Who knows, it does not feel like it at all, but back into the swing of things as of Monday 9 January. This last week has flown by with my temporary staff while standing in for Robert while he is still on leave and will be
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Story Time 06-01-2017

A Big Thank you to Clive for standing in for me over the Christmas period while I was down in CT. Clive was busy while I was away keeping Greymont clean and tidy. This last week, 6th Rd West from Alberts farm entrance down to the stream the grass was cut, paving weeded and the
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Festive Greetings

Good Afternoon Greymonter! The end of the year is nearly upon us and a very welcome break will be enjoyed by everyone, I am sure! Shane is leaving for Cape Town early tomorrow morning and we thank him for the dedication and service he has given to our Community this last year. We wish him
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A Quick Reminder Of Our Last Meeting This Year – WEDNESDAY AT 6.30PM

Good Afternoon Greymonter Just a quick reminder of our last meeting this year on WEDNESDAY AT 6.30PM AT NG KERK GREYMONT. AGENDA: We will be adopting our revised constitution 2016. (A show of hands only) Also on the agenda will be a brief feedback from Shane (Public Works) and Clive (Acting Treasurer). We will also
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