Apologies Greymont – Vumatel

Good day Greymont residents,

We apologise for the miscommunication. VUMA has made the call to delay the start of construction in the area, as we feel that we will not have enough time to civilly complete the project before the festive season. The JRA implement a month long shut down over the December period. Johannesburg water and City power also work skeleton staff meaning that if there is a damaged utility it will take longer to get it fixed, therefore we would rather avoid that. Johannesburg North is on VUMA’s priority list and as soon as the JRA shut down is over we will begin with scanning, measuring and thereafter trenching will take place.

If you have any further queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on northcliff@vumatel.co.za

We hope that you have a great weekend.

Kind Regards
The VUMA Team

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