Alberts Farm Parkrun needs you


The last few days have seen a flurry of activity with the upcoming launch of the Alberts Farm Parkrun planned to take place on the 16th August 2014, at 8am. We have had volunteers offering to assist, Greymont Community members running various other parkrun’s, community members running/walking the proposed Albert’s Farm Parkrun route and lots of behind the scenes planning.

We are at this stage still requiring more volunteers for the events as well as sponsors for various aspects of the event. We also need markers to be placed along the route. If you have not volunteered or become involved in some way or other,  you still can. Please send an email or sms (+27 83 714 2719) to us outlining your intended or proffered involvement.

It is proposed that we hold a “dry run” of the event on Sunday 10th August at 8.30 at the park. More details to follow.

Remember this is a community involvement and the more involved from the community the better!”  

Mike Tippett
+27 83 714 2719


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