Alberts Farm parkrun 1st Anniversary


Can you believe our awesome Alberts Farm parkrun has been with us for only a year, feels like it has been part of our lives forever!

We are celebrating our 1st Anniversary run on Saturday the 15th August 2015 yes, that’s this Saturday! with an epic Anniversary run that will have our runners go backwards…. relax, relax, not tripping over yourself backwards but from the finish towards start kind of backwards.

Also do a 5 min warm up with everyone before the run with professional trainers, a little warm-up stretch routine with some music, how can you miss that!

We will also be having a ton of give-aways:

  • Curves – We will be giving you the 4 one month free vouchers to use as give-aways. We will have a gazebo up with a table and some information (Flyers, poster, products). Ladies can book an assessment with us and if they join from the Parkrun anniversary day we will waive the Joining fee for them
  • Verbatim – Will be supplying a water trailer whereby they will be able to supply fresh drinking runners to all runners. They will also be available to discuss and educate on water quality as well as water purifying systems. All runners/walkers can get their bottles filled before the start:0
  • Thunder Gun Steak House – will be supplying a voucher;
  • The Sweat Shop – will be supplying a voucher, possibly 2;
  • Adidas – will be on hand to assist with shoes as well as let folk try new shoes and run in them. They will also be giving us a voucher for a pair of shoes;
  • JHB JURA – Have given us 5 x free entry vouchers for the event on the 5th September. They have also given us 200 water bottles (1ST 200 runners to arrive on Saturday morning can have!:)
  • CANSA – Our CANSA West Rand Care Centre team will be there with the CANSA Active gazebo offering free sunscreen to all participants as well as education to help reduce the cancer risk. We also providing 20 CANSA Wraps as prizes.

Cake will be available!!! You earned it!!!

And as always, remember your barcodes, or register now (it’s free)!

Will see you there!!!


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