Alberts Farm needs YOU!!

IMG_8654.JPGSunday 26 October…

Alberts Farm needs YOU!!

There is broken glass all over the park. We beg you to help us to get rid of it… there are cyclists, runners and playing kids all over the park. You can either join us in the car park at 16:30 and we do a team effort, (bags will be provided) or you can do your own thing in your own time. If you are a group of people, perhaps one team can concentrate on the dam, another on the ridge, another around the car park and another on both sides of the entrance road… individuals please criss-cross the whole park.

If you have a poop scoop, please bring it along? Not only for dog poo but it is fabulous for picking up bottle tops, cigarette butts, and so forth.
If there is a kind soul with a chain saw, please help us to cut the old hedge around the cemetery down to the ground?

And then… we need to remove the little trees that did not survive being planted in winter with no water…. and we need to level the ground where trees have been moved so that games can be played and the lawn mower can move around without hassle.

We also need to move small trees to the benches that have been placed in the sun.

Questions? Nina 083 583 5383.

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