Alberts Farm – more to be discovered

Many people and organisations work together to find out more about the history of Alberts Farm.

Alberts Farm

The city makes for a backdrop to Alberts Farm with its rich history.

With a view of the city in the background, Alberts Farm is a tranquil hideaway for people who want to experience nature or take their dogs for exercise.

The Greymont Community Forum, alongside Alan Buff, technical support specialist at the Green Academy of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, and Lucille Davis, a writer, gathered information about the little known history of the park. Julie Gouws, chairperson of Friends of Alberts Farm, said that they are working with heritage experts to find out even more about the history of the park.

The park dates back to the 1890s when Hendrik Abraham Alberts leased a 114-acre farm called Waterval. According to Buff, the farmhouse is not on the land anymore, and its fate is unkown. In 1946, the Alberts family sold part of the land to the City of Johannesburg to be kept for public use. It is believed that the property went for 18 500 pounds sterling. According to the Greymont Community Forum, the many rocks east of the dam is believed to relate to the Vredefort Dome in Parys.

Gouws mentioned that the Friends of Alberts Farm would like to do more research on the history of the park, as it is believed that the Alberts family have more history to yet be discovered. “If any residents with links to Alberts Farm or the Alberts family have input, we would love to hear from you,” said Gouws. She further asked that readers with old photographs of the park, contact her.

Details: Julie Gouws, 079 898 2845.

by Mari Rheeder

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  • Friends of Alberts Farm can connect with Mr Anton Alberts, FF MP. His family used to own Alberts Farm. He is very approachable and pleasant and likely to provide valuable information.

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