Albert’s Farm community ready for parkrun

Sunday 10th August 2014 saw a flurry of activity at Albert’s Farm as the parkrun volunteers and a band of merry runners took part in a “dry run” for the launch of the event! With lots of excitement and nervous anticipation,  the 5km course had been laid out, with “eco friendly” markers, the start and finish area set out and we were ready for our start. Ther runners and walkers were ready to start and after a briefing took off!!

It was a beautiful morning and each and every one of the runners/walkers set off to test the new Alberts Farm parkrun course! As each one completed the course, barcodes and positions were scanned as per a full event! Everything worked perfectly and the was a firm belief that we are ready for the launch on the 16th!

The course was the main topic of conversation after the event and every one felt that it was a most beautiful course and all runners/walkers should take the time to challenge the course.

Don’t forget we are always looking for additional volunteers to assist on a rotational basis. Even volunteers get their 500 Vitality point.

To register logon and register at:

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