AGM Done, We have come far Greymont, now to go further.

New Executive, new chairman, many projects planned and under-way. We are doing good Greymont!!

The list of what has been accomplished is looong so here is the summarised report from Clive below. We will have a link to the full minutes as we get them from our new secretary as well as an update on our new Executive Committee!!!

We had a great vibe at the meeting with much discussed and many good new ideas. I will endeavour to keep you posted on all of them on the site. Please subscribe to our website (you can just submit your email in the panel to the top right of the site) as a new policy that those on the Greymont Residents WhatsApp group will also e added to the subscription list, please click approve on the email sent to you.

Our new chairman Michael Van Olphen as massive shoes to fill, but thankfully Clive has agreed to stay on the executive in charge of Public works so he will help Michael through the process and show him the ropes.  Maureen Ponnen is also new to our executive and will be taking the Secretary position, fear not Di Macdonald is also staying on the executive. In case you are wondering, or as a reminder, our constitution doesn’t allow a person to hold the same post for over 3 years, hence the new Executive.  I will post another article showing more about us in the coming weeks.

Here is the report from Clive:





As we celebrate our start of the 4th year of the Greymont Residents Forum I look back and am humbled by the spirit of the residents of Greymont. Just over 3 years ago we had a dreadfully looking suburb which had a very poor service delivery record. We had many illegal accommodation residences and many illegal businesses operating in our area. The CVP was a dumping ground and was not visited by residents as it was a known fact that muggers, rapers and other criminals made it their homes. The roads were in a terrible state, the street lighting was inadequate and not working, and overgrown and un-kept green areas and pavements were a common site and litter and dumping was everywhere. The social problems often went hand in hand with an area that was not looked after. This was the situation in Greymont where people did what they wanted without any regard to other residents, animals and the environment.

It was as if the residents had lost hope and respect in our area and had cocooned themselves in their yards and homes. People were angry, frustrated and depressed, and had lost all hope that things would ever change for the better. “A bad attitude is like a flat tyre, you can’t get very far until you change it!”

But it took only a few dedicated residents to start making a difference. At our first meeting in February 2012 we had over 75 residents present who outlined numerous problems and issues that needed addressing. We started the very next day with this project!

Today it is with a sense of pride, honour and respect that we can say that our community – a community that cares – has indeed risen to these many challenges and conquered them! It didn’t take long for other residents to start to join in our work and contribute with their time and finances in turning Greymont around. We can confidently state today that Greymont is a suburb of choice to reside in. We are not blowing our own horn here. Numerous visitors to Greymont cannot believe what a wonderful, clean, neat and well maintained suburb this is. All the Estate Agents will tell you how house prices have risen in our area. When you see a for- sale sign going up it is not as before that residents desperately wanted to get out of Greymont. Today they are selling as they know they will get a high price for their houses and investments.

We have a unique and very successful model on why Greymont is one of the best looked after suburbs in Johannesburg. Firstly, we have established good and effective working relationships with all the MOE’s and departments in the City which give us quick and good quality services when we request it of them. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, through the generosity of the residents of Greymont we are able to employ a person who tirelessly works to keep Greymont neat, tidy and clean. This outstanding young man has dedicated and committed himself to our suburb through his hard work. If you don’t know him by know, his name is Robert. Many suburbs have asked us what is the secret of our success: I simply say it is through the committed and generous residents who make our Forum succeed and who make it possible for us to implement our unique model.

I must also add that our local security company has played a crucial role in bringing the crime rate down with their own dedicated staff and the commitment of especially Roland to our suburb. I thinks he pre-dates most of us and has been an outstanding community member for decades especially in security related matters.

Without these people who protect our suburb we would indeed be vulnerable to criminals. However, there are steps each resident and householder can take to lessen crime being perpetrated on them and their families.



The Greymont Residents Forum’s motto has always been to take the initiative, be pro-active and be solution-based in the interventions that would enhance our suburb and be positive and constructive in dealing with both residents and our City of Joburg partners who provide service delivery.

Our stance can be summed up in a well-known quote, “a negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.”

We always encourage residents to report issues and propose solutions, to be involved and be a community that cares, about each other and the environment. Being involved, volunteering and contributing is crucial for the success of a well maintained and proud community.

Often residents that complain and find fault are a result of not being informed and knowledgeable about how issues are dealt with, by us and by the authorities. Often there is a lack of understanding of certain by-laws. Many of these are found on our website at We encourage all residents to be positive, solution- oriented and well informed. An ideal resident is always vigilant, caring and concerned about the suburb who gets involved in helping to sort out challenges we face as a suburb.

Lastly, I wish to thank so many of you the residents of Greymont for supporting me with your many kind words of encouragement throughout the years. I am indebted to you for your commitment, as Greymont would not be the wonderful suburb it is, if it was not for your input, care, commitment and involvement. I would encourage all residents to volunteer for leadership roles in the future and give the support you gave me to the incoming Chairperson and the new Executive in whom I have the fullest confidence to build and make Greymont even better!


I close with a quote I came across recently –

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once every few years. But when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”





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