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With our site becoming very popular, with now just shy of a 1500 visits a month (1,456 from the last 30 days till today) and growing at a near double rate each month along with our great Google ranking:


Greymont Google Rank

I thought we could take advantage of the growing site traffic and give advertising space, the proceeds of which will go to the Greymont Residents Forum and thus further help to make our suburb the greater place we know it can be.

The new Advertising Page is now live and available under the Contact Us tab as well as the Square banner on the right side panel:


Thus far we have 3 Options available with more are on the way, ranging from banners to reviews/announcements please check them out and let us know what you think.

I’m also open to ideas, so bring them on.

The site allows you to advertise specifically to your target market within Greymont and surrounding areas especially useful if your service or supply company that is locally based or focused.

I’m also considering a page dedicated to advertising suppliers and services within and near the Greymont area at a cost of R50 a month. This will be like a directory of services available in our area, with the name a breif summary of what you do and a contact info. If you are interested please send me an email ( . I would like a bit of a list ready before making it live on our site, obviously you will only be charged from when it is actually live.

I would also like a page dedicated to showing available real-estate in the area to prospective buyers however I have a feeling that might be a bit more of a challenge, I’m hoping there is real-estate agency that has the capability to embed there property listings on our site. If so please contact me and we can discuss an arrangement.

This is a new way you can contribute to the suburb, while also gain some advertising exposure along the way.


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