A Lick of Paint for Our Winter Project

Robert painting poles at CVP

Every year we as the Greymont Residents Forum identify a bigger project that will keep our worker busy for the better part of Winter. In past years we have painted the swings and benches etc. in the Carel Venter Park, painted all sign posts and street sign  posts silver and last year we painted all the street curbs in Greymont.

This year we have started on the project for this Winter. We have decided to paint the entire wooden poles (colonial poles) that surround the Carel Venter Park. We first paint them with a universal undercoat and then paint them green. The few that Robert have done along 6th road West really look great and gives the feeling of a well- kept Park that the community looks after.

Obviously we have tried to source the quality paint that will last as well as getting the best price. This project is costing the Forum quite a bit. If anyone would like to contribute to assist in financing this project it would be most welcome! Reference number would be your name and “paint”.

Many thanks!

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