Take on the 24Fitcamp Challenge close to home, for free.


As a Personal Wellness Coach in the area, I am focused on promoting healthy active lifestyle events in the local community with the focus on four pillars: Fitness, Community, Education and Nutrition – with the new 4 week fitness challenges, we will be doing all of that.

I have been running free fitness sessions in Alberts Farm since September 2013 and it’s time to include specific measurable aspects to what we do to help people reach their goals, whether it’s improving fitness, losing body fat or shaping up or improving their health and vitality.

The four week challenge consists of evaluations including a fitness test to see your improvement after the 4 weeks of classes, as well as a full body assessment. This is done with our Tanita body scanner which checks body fat %, muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat, resting metabolic rate and metabolic age. All participants will also get a one on one review of their metrics and guidance on how to make some lifestyle changes to improve their metrics and reach their goals and ongoing support during the challenge.

The fitness aspect of the challenge will be 2 classes a week of bootcamp (cardio and bodyweight training) style intensity training. It does not matter what your level of fitness is, all exercises can be modified and because we use a timer, all we need is for participants to complete the time interval, no matter how fast or slow they perform the actual exercise. Participants should come in comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a large towel and water bottle

The end of the challenge will have a celebration of the improvements that participants have made. We will cover the whole success equation of 20% Exercise, 80% Nutrition and 100% Mindset.

Participant registration, orientation and assessment is this Thursday 29 May and fitness classes will start on Tuesday 3 June. Even if you would like to attend but cannot be at the orientation, you are still welcome to be there.




Tuesday and Thursday 18:00 – 19:00

NG Kerk Bergbron, c/o Schoongezicht & Drakensberg Road, Bergbron

New Participant Orientation & Evaluation
Thursday 29 May, 17:30 – 19:30

For more information contact Miriam

083 226 2109



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