Just Down the Road

Beautiful well maintained streets

Our own parkrun

Our Alberts Farm parkrun gets us fit while we enjoy the Joburg skyline

Our Beloved Pond

Our pond in Carel Venter park is home to many wildlife

Cyclists dream

We have a multitude of exciting routes for those on 2 wheels

Help contribute to make your neighbourhood better.

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Greymont Residents Forum Update

Good Morning Greymonter! Just a few quick items that we need to share with you: Restructuring of the Executive of the Greymont Residents Forum Unfortunately the Present Executive had to re-organise itself as we do not have a Chairperson, secretary and recently both the Treasurer and Maintenance Executive members could not adequately carry out their
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Vumatel Feedback on Fibre in Greymont, its great news!

We might have Fibre before Christmas!!! Our awesome chairman Shane had a great meeting with Vumatel and has been kind enough to give us the answers to the main questions we all wanted to know. What is the planned start of the installation date and expected date of completion? Installation will start at the end
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Invite to the improvement of Alberts Farm

The management committee for the Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy is inviting all parties to attend a public participation session on 29 September 2016 as part of the process of addressing some of the problems facing the park and the resulting need to create an urban conservancy for the benefit of all those who use
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Spring Has Sprung! Celebrate with us this Saturday

Hello People of Greymont, It’s that time of the year again, spring has sprung! Come and enjoy the day out at Albert’s Farm where the Greymont Residents Forum will have a table at the Spring Fair to help raise funds for the Forum. The fund raiser is in the form of a raffle, a tricky
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The simple answers to fibre questions, pros and cons.

For the “techno challenged” “Layman” fibre installation questions, pros and cons.  First off some Important points: Showing interest in Fibre does not obligate you to purchase fibre at any time what so ever, what it does do is enables the rest of us who want it to get it quicker. There is a once off
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Alberts Farm Spring Fair – 3rd September 2016

Now in its 3rd year, visitors to the Alberts Farm Spring Fair will be able to enjoy a festive day aimed at bringing the community together at a vibrant craft market.  It will be a day of family oriented fun activities. If you’re in the mood to shop, have a look at our stalls offering
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GRF June – July 2016 Updates

Hello People of Greymont, There have been a few changes in the structure of the Executive Committee. Our previous Chairperson has stepped down as Chairman due to family and work commitments. It was decided that I would take over the role of Chairperson in an “Acting Capacity” for this financial quarter. It was also decided
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It’s time to cast your vote!

The 3rd of August is less than 24 hours away. The upcoming Local Government Elections are the most important elections since 1994, and voters will have to make a crucial choice: more of the same, where 24 000 jobs were lost in the first quarter of 2016 in Johannesburg, corruption is rampant (The City of Johannesburg
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A community that cares.

Beautiful Suburb

We are a gorgeous quaint suburb

Up and coming

Our little neighborhood is jumping leagues and bounds and we are very proud of our progress

Projected Value

Over the next few years our projected property value is to escalate


We have many social events coming to our area